Comprehensive Therapeutic Services for Schools

The life of a special education administrator undoubtedly has its challenges.

You can spend hours fielding calls from frustrated parents, running from school to school to mediate teacher-therapist conflicts, and hunting through resumes for qualified clinicians. And then, there’s the requirement of making sense of “legalese” so your program is compliant.

Add to all that the pressure to control costs without sacrificing services, and your plate is beyond full.

Wouldn’t it be great to get out from under all the process and paperwork?

You can!

PTS specializes in helping you refocus your energy and creativity on helping kids, while also being confident your program provides comprehensive therapeutic services efficiently and cost-effectively. Thus allowing you to plan and implement ways your program can meet more students’ most pressing needs.

PTS Is Your Partner for Powerful School-Based Therapy

Smiling female school-based occupational therapist kneels next to desk of elementary school girl who is practicing her handwriting.

For more than 20 years, Pediatric Therapeutic Services has partnered with school districts and schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and beyond to bring a comprehensive range of therapeutic services to students.

Like you, we got into this business because we care deeply about kids. Our therapy services empower students with disabilities and disorders to access their education, achieve measurable and meaningful goals, and realize their potential.

Our extensive network of fully qualified independent practitioners means you’ll never lack quality therapists who are invested in students’ achievements and trained to help make them happen.

But PTS is far more than a school-based therapy staffing service. Our expert Clinical Directors will manage your program for you, day to day. They’ll free up valuable time needed to address your district’s or school’s big picture.

And, PTS is your partner in transforming your therapeutic services program into a comprehensive system for expanding positive outcomes without increasing costs.

Turn Your Program Into a Therapeutic Ecosystem™

Our award-winning approach to delivering therapy aligns three key factors:

1. The Right Teams

We’ll assign you Clinical Directors who’ll handle your program’s routine operations through both on-site visits and continuing off-site support, and talented, qualified therapists to provide the services your students need. Our therapists benefit from ongoing professional development and one-on-one mentorship. And, they know how to enlist teachers and paraprofessionals, build staff, and foster families as team members, dedicated to seeing students make progress.

2. The Right Tools

Our clinicians draw on PTS’ extensive library of therapist-developed and field-tested resources. They also equip teachers to deliver “therapy without the therapist” via Capable Classroom™ Toolkits—activities teachers can integrate seamlessly into their lessons as part of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) approach. Related services’ positive impacts multiply. Even children not enrolled in direct therapy benefit, and the stigma therapy too often carries is reduced.

3. The Right Technology

PTS brings more clarity and accountability in education-based therapy spending than any other provider in the region. Our therapists enter their data by student and by school each day into our database. Then, our award-winning BudgetWatch™ system analyzes their interventions’ impacts so you can make adjustments as needed to optimize budgetary outcomes. This powerful technology lets you make data-driven decisions that stretch each of your therapy dollars as far as possible.

This model has earned PTS our reputation for elevating the quality of therapy programming while containing costs. Our record stands in stark contrast to the steady cost increases many programs experience.

PTS’ Comprehensive Approach to Therapeutic Services Benefits Everyone

Elementary school girl sits between her mother and father on couch in female school psychologist’s office.The PTS model for staffing and delivering school-based therapy services benefits all your stakeholders:

  • Students receive every available opportunity to access their education and thrive.
  • Families see students making holistic progress, and know an expert is advocating for their child.
  • Teachers gain training in therapeutic techniques they can take back to the classroom to enhance all students’ experiences.
  • Building principals gain peace of mind because the special education program is a “non-squeaky wheel” working wonderfully and within budget.
  • Superintendents and school board officials can point constituents to positive, money-saving results.

And you, the special education administrator, have a sustainable, stress-free, multi-tiered system that’s changing the lives of more students for the better—all with less reliance on your direct involvement.

You can devote more attention to program-wide priorities, knowing PTS is running your related services smoothly and multiplying their impact.

Make Your Related Services Do More Good for More Students

PTS gives you the people and framework you need to deliver comprehensive therapeutic services that bring about meaningful change for students.

We’re also constantly pushing programs forward.

For example, to discover how to serve students with sensitivity to the trauma they’ve faced, download our free eBook, Trauma-Informed Care: Key Principles and Best Practices for School Administrators.

We also invite you to check out our other complimentary resources for school administrators.

Or, call us at 610-941-7020. Let’s explore how PTS can help you rekindle your excitement for special education by renewing your related services without raising your administrative burden.

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