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Our Therapy Staffing and Management Multiplies Your Program’s Power

Our Approach

Special education in the U.S. needs a new approach to therapy staffing and management

The number of students receiving related services under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is formidable. But the demand for qualified pediatric practitioners to provide those services is growing faster than the supply.

As if the staffing shortage weren’t bad enough, school board and government spending on special education isn’t keeping up with the increasing demand for services. 

How can you help kids access their education when there’s no guarantee you’ll get the personnel or funding needed?

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The Capable Classroom™

Transforming Therapy Services Through Teams, Tools, and Technology

Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc. (PTS) has developed an innovative approach to staffing and managing therapy programs that has made us the greater Delaware Valley’s most trusted related services provider.

It aligns first-rate teams, tested tools, and innovative technology to bring more clarity and accountability to education-based therapeutic services than any other provider in the region.

The Right Team

At PTS, we’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as the company for which the region’s most talented, energetic, forward-thinking therapists want to work.

Why? Because we:

  • Place therapists where they can perfectly match their strengths to students’ needs.
  • Offer therapists ongoing, up-to-date professional development opportunities.
  • Encourage therapists to make contributions in research and practice to the wider therapy community.

Thanks to our large and growing network of clinicians, you’ll never lack top-tier candidates for your therapy staffing needs.

What’s more, our Clinical Directors provide day-to-day management of your program. You’re free to focus on your program’s high-level challenges and plan for its future.

The Right Tools

Our therapists do more than fill your staffing vacancies. They multiply your program’s impact by using trusted, therapist-developed tools in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

Clinicians use PTS’ extensive library of assessments, activities, games, and other resources with students, individually or in small groups. But, they also bring our tools into your classrooms so teachers and paraprofessionals can deliver “therapy without the therapist.”

They’ll train your teachers and paraprofessionals (at no extra charge) in Tier One and Tier Two supports that expand related services’ benefit beyond direct therapy. 

It’s a school therapy solution in which:

  • Unnecessary referrals decline, yielding manageable caseloads of only students who really need support.
  • Therapy’s negative stigma fades, as even students not on caseload benefit from interventions.
  • Your program makes a bigger difference without a bigger staff or budget.

The Right Technology

Our therapists enter billing data, by student and school, into BudgetWatch™, our proprietary, award-winning analytics and staffing management software. As they do, it analyzes the impact of interventions, and adjusts them as needed to optimize outcomes.

When you review easy-to-read BudgetWatch™ reports, you’ll gain:

  • Clearer insights into where your therapy dollars go, broken down by school and service type.
  • Greater awareness of how to optimize therapists’ schedules to reach the most students possible.
  • Concrete information about your therapy dollars’ impact to report to building principals, superintendents, and school board members.

You’ll be making better, data-driven decisions about staffing, strategy, outreach, and program development. 

PTS’ School Therapy Solution: Contained Costs, Continuous Improvement

When your therapy staffing and management maximizes every person’s potential to help kids, the return on your investment is clear: a drama-free, multi-tiered approach that improves efficiency globally and keeps all your stakeholders happy. 

Year after year, in district after district and school after school in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware (and beyond), PTS elevates the quality of therapy programming while containing costs.

The school therapy solution you’ve been seeking is a click or phone call away. Contact us online or call us at 610-941-7020.

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