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Related Services Program Management

Related Services Program Management

Like many special education administrators, you don’t have time or resources to manage your school’s or district’s related services program at the granular level needed to make programmatic improvements, while keeping costs under control.

Consequently, you watch your program’s price tag grow bigger and bigger—even absent any hourly-rate increases—without any growth in effectiveness to show for it.

But when you partner with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we’ll show you how to make your program both more effective and more cost-efficient. It’s the heart of our related services program management.

Three Keys to Stronger Related Service Programs

Male special education administrator smiles and kneels next to elementary school girl as she practices her grip by holding a marker.PTS goes far beyond simple staffing solutions. We deliver:

  • A full range of therapy services provided by qualified, quality clinicians.
  • An extensive array of proven resources developed and tested by therapists to ensure every eligible student with a disability or disorder receives the right level of supportive services.
  • A proprietary, award-winning, web-based data collection and analysis system for maximizing the value of your therapy dollars.

It’s a unique management process that has satisfied hundreds of districts and schools across the Greater Delaware Valley for more than 20 years. Where we provide program management, we have 100% client renewal. In 2009, we even received the prestigious Customer Service Excellence Award from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce for “best customer service of any small business in the region.”

Clinical Directors Shoulder Related Service Program Management

Our Clinical Directors—each one a school-based therapist with years of practical experience—manage your program for you day-to-day. They take routine responsibilities off your plate so you’re free to focus on your program’s present and future at the macro level.

Our Clinical Directors will:

  • Make the best staffing matches so you have the right people in the right positions: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Psychological services, and more.
  • Organize student movement on and off caseloads so those who’ll benefit from special education the most, aren’t competing for time and attention with those who need lower-level interventions.
  • Supervise therapists on-site—reviewing their schedules for maximum efficiency, advising them on best practices and concrete solutions, and mentoring them in their professional development.
  • Train teachers, paraprofessionals, and building staff in ways they can multiply your program’s positive impact by bringing support into the classroom.
  • Document your program’s regulatory compliance and keep you informed about the most significant developments in the constantly changing field of special education law.

Data-Driven Decisions Help You Maximize Your Resources

Female special education administrator holds reports in elementary class as two students write at desks and two write on whiteboard.PTS knows how to help related services programs control costs while maintaining outstanding quality. The systematic checks and balances we implement eliminate the costly, administrative waste squandering your special education budget.

Concurrently, the PTS Management Team’s combined expertise helps your program concentrate its limited, valuable resources on areas where the most students can experience the greatest benefit.

When administrators like you are increasingly asked to make the money go farther and produce more measurable results, our Budget Watch™ technology equips you with clear, actionable information about your program’s performance. You’ll make data-driven, budget-related decisions regarding the “where, what, and why” when it comes to spending. 

For example, when therapists work with students (as appropriate), in small groups of two to four, the cost per session for each student drops by 50-75%. 

Or, when a single student can be appropriately moved to monthly consultation from direct service through teacher consultation and effective classroom programming, the program can save more than $1,000.00 annually.

We can improve your related services program’s budget management right away. Click here to claim your free Related Services Audit from PTS. We’ll show you immediate opportunities to control costs and improve effectiveness.

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