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All behavior has a meaning and a purpose. Behavioral Health Specialists use observation and assessments to determine why certain behaviors happen and how to identify a socially appropriate and significant replacement behavior. In a school-based setting, this can involve supporting students on the autism spectrum, or simply helping students who struggle with activities like writing or waiting their turn.

Pediatric Therapeutic Services provides Behavioral Health Specialists on an assessment, consultative, and programmatic basis to help you support your students while also minding your budget. 

PTS and Your Students’ Behavioral Health Needs  

No two students are the same, so it’s important to have the right specialist in place to address each student’s unique needs. PTS works with school administrators to establish protocols that ensure that resources are directed to and triaged by the appropriate specialist.

Our approach to behavioral health utilizes a collaborative path between teachers, related services professionals, and behavior specialists, ensuring that the whole team is on the same page.

Behavioral Health Services We Offer

Behavioral health specialists are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, classroom management strategies, and strategies for positive behavior support. They also have training in data collection techniques that allow them to develop individual behavior intervention plans.

Often, these professionals assist in the treatment of students who exhibit behavioral issues in areas like:

  • Behavioral Health Conshohocken PAPeer integration
  • Social interaction
  • Academics
  • Gross-motor skills
  • Language
  • Functional living skills
  • Behavior management

PTS provides partnering schools with a behavioral health team of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts, Registered Behavioral Technicians, and licensed mental health professionals that assist schools by performing assessments and consultations.

Through the assessment and consultation process, PTS’s behavior specialists identify target behaviors and support current district paraprofessionals and teaching staff on intervention strategies and generalization. Consultation for complex behaviors may result in a more individualized staffing and titration plan, ensuring student progress and independence remain at the center of each program.

Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Specialists (LBS)

Our BCBAs and Licensed Behavior Specialists study student behaviors and create plans to improve or replace problematic behaviors. They’ll often work with students who have developmental disabilities; brain injuries; and social, emotional, and behavioral disorders. They also work with students who have difficulty managing stress or anger in healthy ways.

During a student’s Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), a BCBA and LBS will perform responsibilities like:

  • Observing and assessing behavior
  • Meeting with families, teachers, and other therapists on the related services team to discuss treatment and progress
  • Assisting in the development of IEPs
  • Consistent monitoring of student progress

They’ll also consult with school personnel and students’ families and work with teachers and students to implement plans. They can provide trainings to teachers, aides, and support staff, too, to ensure that they understand best practices when working with students who present challenging behaviors.

Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT)

RBTs are credentialed paraprofessionals who focus on the implementation and delivery of treatment plans developed by a BCBA. They work under the supervision of a BCBA or LBS to perform tasks like:

  • Instructing students in acquiring specific skills targeted in the behavioral intervention plan (BIP)
  • Observing and collecting accurate data about student behavior and progress
  • Nurturing student social skills through focused interactions
  • Updating the team on a regular basis
  • Training parents on how to reinforce treatment plans outside of school

How Behavioral Health Specialists Support Students and Schools

One of the main roles that behavioral health specialists play is in the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) process. FBAs help behavioral health specialists identify why certain behaviors occur, and then design a plan to modify or replace that behavior with healthier behaviors, using the following steps:

  • Building a multidisciplinary action team
  • Identifying the target behavior
  • Collecting baseline data about the behavior
  • Formulating and testing a behavioral hypothesis
  • Developing and monitoring a behavioral intervention plan (BIP)

While collecting baseline data, the behavioral health specialist will look at the antecedent (trigger), behavior (the specific behavior), and the consequence (the result of the behavior) to determine why the student does this behavior, and how to positively modify or change it.

They’ll also create observable and measurable goals for assessing student progress. Not only does this allow you to measure student progress, but it also helps you identify which students are ready to be discharged from the program altogether.

PTS Can Support Your Related Services Team

In addition to providing behavioral assessments and consultative services, PTS offers a wide range of services that can help you use ABA principles to improve the quality of related services.

We offer our partnering schools in-service trainings during which we can instruct teachers on effective ABA techniques that they can use at the general education level to address student needs directly in the classroom.

We can also use our unique BudgetWatch™ software to monitor your program’s overall costs. Our software collects data on your program and your budget, which our Clinical Directors can analyze to determine how effectively your resources are being allocated.

This information can help us determine where you have room in the budget to bring in additional supports your students may need as indicated by your behavioral health specialists. You can also use the data from our BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports to work with our Clinical Directors to:

  • Adjust therapist schedules to maximize efficiency and quality of services
  • Make budget forecasts
  • Identify where teachers need additional training
  • Compare trends from year-to-year
  • Build a long-term picture of your special education program

Support Your Students’ Behavioral Health Needs with Pediatric Therapeutic Services

The Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed Behavior Specialists, and Registered Behavior Technicians at PTS can help you improve your special education program by providing insights on the kinds of services your students need.

If you want to include behavioral health services as a part of your program, contact PTS and ask about our assessment, consultative, and programmatic behavioral health services today!


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