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PTS Mental Health Services

Pediatric Therapeutic Services provides a comprehensive in‐school therapeutic program that supports the whole child by addressing the continuum of social emotional support needs.   Mental Health service providers play a critical role in supporting these students and equipping teachers and paraprofessionals with tools and strategies that enable the classroom to become a therapeutic environment.  Service providers include

    • Licensed Certified Mental Health Professionals (LCMHPs)

    • School Counselors

PTS applies a proven Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach when delivering services—including mental health.  MTSS encompasses the continuum of need, enabling schools to promote mental wellness for all students, identify and address problems before they escalate or become chronic, and provide increasingly intensive, data-driven services for individual students as needed.  Our model is designed to allow students to access the appropriate level of support, wherever they are on the continuum at any given time.  Interventions are tiered to allow for increased intensity and individualization of support during times of crisis or transition, with an eye toward fading supports, with the goal of building capacity, not dependency.  PTS also fosters collaboration across disciplines so that all team members are informed and sensitive to mental health needs and intervention strategies.  Our multi-disciplinary, integrated approach allows mental health providers to have the opportunity to learn from and incorporate tools and concepts from other related services providers, including sensory integration for self-regulation, strategies to facilitate social pragmatic language and behavioral health support as needed for small group sessions and more complex individual students.

What do our Mental Health Providers Do?

  • Evaluate and assess mental health functioning and diagnosis of mental health conditions
  • Utilize assessment tools in diagnosing or tracking symptoms
  • Provide counseling activities including, but not limited to: processing trauma, enhancing coping skills, providing family functioning and relationship enhancement interventions, promoting communication and social interaction, parenting education, mental health or domestic violence counseling and psychoeducation
  • Provide small group and individual treatment sessions as needed
  • Inform teachers and paraprofessionals regarding Social Emotional Learning strategies and how to include them in the classroom
  • Marital dissolution of family unification/reunification services: coordinating communication between parents, addressing step parenting issues, providing counseling and preparation for family transitions
  • Collaborate with school personnel and advocate for the student’s needs within the school setting
  • Provide consultation and education to schools about mental health topics
  • Facilitates crisis intervention protocols
  • Utilize play therapy or play therapy strategies
  • Complete required assessments, treatment plans, progress reports, case notes, and any other required documentation
  • Collaborate with our behavioral health team to implement various level or reinforcement systems for students based on the student’s developmental, social, and mental health status.

How does PTS Support our Mental Health Team?

All PTS mental health service providers will be supported by a masters-level Clinical Director.   We provide ongoing opportunities for continuing education, team collaboration and professional growth to ensure that our team is at the top of their game.  And with PTS, there is no need to “reinvent the wheel”.  PTS provides all clinicians access to a library of resources including , classroom-based strategies, therapist-designed activities and developmentally based reward systems and other token systems that can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual student or implemented in an entire classroom or building.

Add Qualified Mental Health Service Providers to Your Related Services Team with PTS

PTS specializes in placing highly trained and qualified therapists with schools and early intervention programs while also delivering ongoing therapist supervision and day-to-day operational support.

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