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Our Therapy Achievement Approach: Your Staffing and Spending Solution

Our Therapy Achievement Approach: Your Staffing and Spending Solution

When you’re looking at related services providers, compare apples to apples.

Only Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) ensures you get the most qualified, appropriately placed, actively supported clinicians in the greater Delaware Valley.

Our five-step Therapy Achievement Approach allows us to:

  • Send the right therapists to the right schools.
  • Empower them to do the most good for the most students.
  • Position them for success through peer-based learning and professional guidance. 

Comparison table of traditional therapy staffing services, compared to PTS' Therapy Achievement Approach

Five Steps to the School Therapists Your Students Deserve

Step One: The Perfect Match Assessment

When we interview clinicians, we get to know their professional goals and personal motives for working in pediatric therapy. We also acquaint them with the needs of the programs we serve to determine where they can best use their skills and passion.

Step Two: The Opportunity Alignment 

This onsite location preview brings you into the process sooner rather than later. When therapists visit your school to size up the assignment, you can share your expectations and requirements. 

Step Three: The SmartStart Advantage

During the “SmartStart” meeting, we give therapists a PTS Confidence Kit, which includes:

  • An introduction to the PTS team.
  • A written statement of your initiatives and goals.
  • Accurate caseload lists.
  • Instructions for PTS’ proprietary online billing system.
  • A calendar of our upcoming professional development workshops.

This step further integrates the therapists’ introduction to PTS with an orientation to their respective programs and their needs, allowing them to “hit the ground running.” 

Step Four: The Onsite Alliance Network 

Once our clinicians are in your building, we’ll provide clinical support, professional mentoring, and dedicated advocacy whenever necessary. While we encourage therapists to forge positive working relationships with you and your staff, we never expect you to directly oversee them. PTS frees you from daily operations—we don’t add to your administrative burden.

Step Five: Year-to-Year Transition Support  

We’ll help our therapists make seamless transitions. All you have to do is contact us for clinicians to fill any vacancies your new year brings, and we’re confident we’ll have therapists ready to provide you with the excellent, innovative service you’ve come to expect.

Keep Therapy Spending Clear, Efficient, and Under Control 

The Therapy Achievement Approach also brings new clarity to your program’s operations, equipping you to make data-driven decisions about how you spend your therapy dollars.

Our therapists bill their time using BudgetWatch™, our award-winning, proprietary staffing management software. This information powers monthly, easy-to-interpret analyses of your program’s referral rates, caseload sizes, operating costs, and more. You’ll be able to quickly spot inefficiencies and take action to correct them.

When you add this financial transparency to our targeted inservice training in interventions that multiply your program’s effectiveness and our ongoing monitoring of your program’s regulatory compliance, the transformative impact of the Therapy Achievement Approach becomes clear.

To put our approach to work for your program, call us at 610-941-7020 or contact us online.

Want to find out more about how PTS is pushing school-based therapy forward? Download our free eBook, Trauma-Informed Care: Key Principles and Best Practices for School Administrators.

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