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"Executive Function" is a term used to describe they way that our brains associate past experience with present action.   It includes activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing and paying attention to and remembering details.  Additionally, there is a memory component, as children executive function issues have trouble conceptualizing a task or plan in their mind because they are unable to “picture” relevant past experiences. As with other manifestations of LD, disorders in executive function can run in families. As children move through the early elementary grades, these problems quickly become more apparent due to increasing demands from schoolwork, assignment planning, and prioritization.
In addition to appearing frazzled or forgetful, many of these children also have difficulty recognizing when the need to ask for help, continuing to struggle until they fail at a task.  This impacts self-esteem and motivation to “try”.  Fortunately, there are loads of great strategies available to help kids get organized and stay organized so that they can be successful!

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