Licensed Behavior Specialists (BSC)

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) is looking for qualified Licensed Behavior Specialists (LBSs) and Behavioral Specialist Consultants (BSCs) with substantial academic and practical training in Psychology or another relevant discipline.

We have a team of independent contractors who enjoy a collaborative work environment, career support, individualized job placement, and more. Learn more about how to land a job and the benefits of working as a school-based LBS or BSC alongside PTS below!

Licensed Behavior Specialist Educational Requirements

To become a LBS or BSC, you need:

  • A master’s degree or higher in a relevant field
  • 90 hours of evidence-based coursework
  • Practical and academic training in Psychology or a related discipline like Nursing, PT, OT, or SLP

Since licensure requirements vary by state, make sure you have the necessary credentials before applying for a job.

What Does an LBS Do in a School-Based Setting?

Licensed Behavior Specialists When working as an LBS in a school setting, you will observe and evaluate students’ challenging or disruptive behaviors. In both general and special education, you will also:

  • Make plans for students to improve functioning and assisting with implementation.
  • Train teachers, aides, and support staff in best practices when working with students who present challenging behaviors.
  • Provide preventative classroom strategies for groups and individuals that maximize learning and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

To ensure every student gets the best possible supports, LBSs consult with both school personnel and students’ families. In addition to acting as part of the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team, they supervise other therapeutic practitioners, as needed and appropriate.

The Role of Behavior Specialist Consultants in Creating Functional Behavior Assessments

BSCs play a key role in the school environment and in the lives of students, too. They help teachers, administrators, and families determine why a student acts in challenging or disruptive ways. Then, they formulate a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to introduce and reinforce more desirable behaviors for success both within and outside of school.

Students In School

Our Approach Addresses Multiple Areas of Concern in the Least Restrictive Environment

PTS’s partnering LBSs and BSCs play vital parts in the lives of K-12 students. Academic and behavioral concerns often accompany each other, which can impede progress in other aspects of a student’s treatment, such as PT, OT, or SLP. With our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach, we apply classroom-wide strategies that benefit children with multiple areas of concern, along with the entire class.

Together with our integrated systems of support model, we deliver treatment sessions across multiple disciplines. Our partnering LBSs and BSCs work hard to establish a positive school culture in which all students—not just those on caseload—can succeed, academically and socially in Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

Incorporating Trauma-Sensitive Therapy into Schools

At PTS, we’re helping move the field towards trauma-sensitive therapy. As we deepen our understanding of how adverse childhood experiences impact students’ well-being, so do the therapeutic community’s efforts to treat them in ways that promote healing. Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach and Integrated Systems of Support model help deliver trauma-sensitive therapy in holistic, effective, and compassionate ways.

Working as a Licensed Behavior Specialist in a School Setting With PTS

PTS is a recognized leader in both delivering innovative interventions and fostering our partnering clinicians’ professional growth. Independent contractors with PTS enjoy many benefits, like working in a collaborative team environment and:

  • Having a flexible schedule and school placements.
  • Choosing part- or full-time hours based on need and availability.
  • Connecting with fellow therapists through a community Facebook group

To help new partnering related service providers feel confident and prepared in an educational setting, we also offer a School-Based Academy available every August.

PTS Is Different from Other Staffing Services

SchoolAt PTS, our MTSS approach to special education and related services ensures each student gets paired with the appropriate level of support and therapy caseloads remain manageable. Our long-term relationships with partnering districts and individualized therapist placements ensure a good fit for therapists, school administrators, and students alike.

To support the LBSs and BSCs we contract with in leading effective interventions, we offer a library of available resources, including everything from therapist-designed activities to evaluation materials and more. When needed, our Clinical Directors advocate for our independent contractors and act as a bridge of communication between the therapy team and school administrators.

Unlike most other staffing services, PTS also offers our independent contractors with opportunities to advance their careers by pursuing employment positions within partnering districts.

Help Schools Serve Students Better as a Behavior Specialist Alongside PTS

Do you want to begin or continue your journey as a Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS) or Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC)? If so, consider working alongside PTS. We can place you in the right program where you can do the most good for the most students. Contact us and apply today!

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