Just Starting Out in School-Based Therapy?

Here’s help landing an entry-level job that’s just right.

Students in the U.S. are facing unprecedented change and uncertainty.

The “new normal” will be tough on everyone, but will especially challenge the 7 million kids and young adults receiving special education services.

You’re stepping forward to meet the moment. And we at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS, Inc.) want to help. We’ve prepared a free eBook to help you get an entry-level therapy position where you can use your clinical skills in powerfully positive ways. 

In A New School-Based Therapist’s Guide to Landing the Right Job, you’ll discover proven strategies and practical tips for:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of working as a school employee or an independent contractor.
  • Completing the background checks and clearances you’ll need.
  • Acing your interviews from prep to follow-up so administrators know you’re the clinician they want.
  • Deciding whether the job you’re offered is one you should take.
  • Finding resources and support to enhance your professional and personal development on the job.

Fill out the form to download your free copy of A New School-Based Therapist’s Guide to Landing the Right Job today.