Pediatric Therapeutic Services


School-Based Occupational Therapy

PTS Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTAs) work with students to the reduce barriers that limit their ability to learn and participate in the school environment. Our school-based OTs address the wide range of functional disabilities which result from underlying motor, sensory, and visual-perceptual impairments. OT services address the following general areas:

  • Child has difficulty with manipulative tools such as scissors, and it is judged that this difficulty will improve with occupational therapy services.  
  • Child has difficulty with drawing and writing legibly.
  • Child has a diminished ability to attend to tasks and organize work due to sensory processing problems.
  • Child has difficulty performing self-care skills that are necessary in the school setting.  

Many of the issues listed above are addressed during implementation of the unique PTS process:  The Therapy Achievement Approach™.  Viewing the school environment holistically empowers our therapists to consider a continuum of often-underutilized intervention options. Our model engages a broad perspective rooted in function; providing students and teachers with a more seamless experience of related services.

Unlike a traditional staffing model, PTS views OTs as a resource for the entire building, as they contribute to the overall quality of instruction.  PTS is committed to training both your teachers and our therapy team, so you can be sure that our OTs are current on the latest clinical developments and compliance issues.

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