Pediatric Therapeutic Services

LISTEN: PTS Co-Founder Pam Hackett Guests on the SEL Convergence Podcast!

Ready to discover the secrets to enhancing related services? Listen as Co-Founder Pam Hackett discusses the personal origin and growth of Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) and the many growing services they offer school administrators in the tri-state area—and around the globe! Through real-life stories, Pam explores the benefits of moving to an integrated system of supports to create a more inclusive classroom environment. Using her expert insights, help students move through the mental and emotional health challenges resulting from the pandemic! During this conversation, you’ll discover:
  • How to build a community among your therapy team so that communication and collaboration occur naturally
  • How to apply an integrated approach to therapy so that learning doesn’t happen in isolation
  • How a whole-child approach can benefit students
Pam contends that sharing knowledge is free, and therapists need to share what they know so that students can get the most well-rounded supports possible. Listen to the podcast for FREE to hear about the tried-and-true strategies PTS offers schools for the 2021–2022 school year.

Podcast Host: Thom Stecher

Thom Stecher is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and educational consultant who has been mentoring students, teachers, administrators, and board members for over 40 years. He’s one of the developers of the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program, which has been used in over 30 states and in Canada.

While he specializes in self-esteem, wellness, and student-assistance programs, the primary focus of his work involves the integration of social emotional learning with academic achievement and helping school districts transform into Whole Child-centered environments. He believes that caring for students should be the highest priority, not budgets or test scores.

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