Pediatric Therapeutic Services


School-Based Physical Therapy

PTS physical therapists (PTs) provide an education-based model of service delivery, in contrast to the medical model implemented by many ‘rehab services’ companies. Our physical therapists focus on how gross motor function is impacting a child’s ability to access the general school environment. This includes getting on and off the school bus, as well as accessing outdoor playground equipment, stairs, curves, and ramps.  

In addition, school-based physical therapy looks at how motor impairment is impacting a student’s ability to learn and to participate in physical education. For example, a child who has very low muscle tone may need adaptive seating or require options for position changes due to fatigue. Our PT’s regularly consult with physical education teachers to discuss ways to improve a child’s motor skills and adapt activities to build confidence and ensure safety.  

In many cases, students require only consultative services from a physical therapist, enabling teachers and other professionals to strategize on how best to overcome any learning obstacles that have resulted from a motor impairment. What differentiates PTS physical therapy services is our exclusive focus on school performance. Our teacher resources and free inservices facilitate carryover of therapeutic strategies and help empower teachers with skills and a deeper understanding of the connection between movement and learning.
To help keep our therapy team at the top of their game, PTS offers regular inservice trainings and professional networking opportunities, so that our PTs can learn new skills and share knowledge and expertise.
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