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Listen to the FREE 3-part series from Pediatric Therapeutic Services, designed to help administrators facilitate a smooth return to in-person learning and treatment.

The pandemic has kept most special education administrators in a state of crisis for over a year, as plans have pivoted from one learning model to another.

In our work with over 80 school districts, we have curated actionable data that reveals how COVID-19 has affected budgets, therapy caseloads, child-find, and countless other key metrics.  Our analysis of these trends reinforces calls for a proactive approach—one that addresses what early indicators suggest is a “tsunami” of need in students returning to in-person learning.

Listen to this FREE virtual 3-part series that uses this data to help administrators facilitate a smooth return to in-person learning and treatment.

Listen to Part 1: Post-Pandemic Programming

As we move forward from the pandemic, much about our schools, our teachers, and our students has changed. The academic, social, and financial impact have yet to be fully determined. So how do we design our related services programs to account for what was lost and prepare for what is coming?

This webinar identifies the trends that our BudgetWatch™ system identified from data collected from more than 80 clients and 600+ therapists over the past year. We will help you get ahead of the programmatic and budgetary fallout our system has identified and get the right resources in place to get your students back on track for the fall of 2021.

Listen to Part 2: Bridging the Gap: Behavioral and Mental Health

As we brace for the continued educational impact created by this pandemic, PTS discusses how our behavioral and mental health programs are addressing the significant rising needs of students. Our Director of Behavioral Health reviews how PTS supports a “Whole Child” approach to education, with placed emphasis on ecological changes to improve school climate and support student success.

Listen to Part 3: Bridging the Gap with MTSS

We all know how tiered interventions for reading and math are essential to learning, but did you know that your related services program can (and should) include tiered interventions for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Behavioral Health needs?

In part three, PTS’s Vice President of Clinical Operations discusses how our unique approach to delivering therapeutic interventions includes:

  • Creating capable classrooms
  • Implementing small groups for common drivers of referrals
  • Moving students through a continuum to ensure only the right students end up on therapy caseloads

LISTEN ON DEMAND to “Bridging the Gap for Returning Back,” a FREE virtual 3-part series designed to help administrators facilitate a smooth return to in-person learning and treatment.

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