Program management

PTS relationships are based on the value that our clients receive for the dollars they spend. Without careful ongoing program management, districts find that their therapy costs can increase dramatically, even with no increase in hourly rate. You may have seen this in tracking your own related services costs. PTS does the work for you: Directors of Special Education do not have the time or resources to manage their therapy program at the level of detail needed to truly control costs. That is where we come in.

Our organizations has integrated the latest in web-based technology, professional development and clinical expertise into the realm of education-based therapy services. The result: a unique management process that leads to satisfied clients. In fact, PTS was awarded the prestigious 2009 Customer Service Excellence Award by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce for “best customer service of any small business in the region.”

PTS knows the issues that are critical to controlling costs while maintaining outstanding quality of services. Our effectiveness in implementing these strategies while increasing the satisfaction of teachers and parents is key to our 100% client renewal for clients where we provide program management.

The systematic checks and balances that we implement eliminate the costly, administrative waste that squanders away your special education budget. Concurrently, the combined expertise of the PTS Management Team helps your program concentrate its resources on areas that impact and maximize the benefit to children.

Did you know?
  • Did you know…that adding just one unnecessary student to a therapy caseload at 30 minutes per week  at 60.00 per hour, costs 1,080.00 per year, plus an additional $256.00 in estimated indirect time, for a total of $1,336.50?
  • Did you know…that if a single student is able to be moved to monthly consultation from direct service through teacher consultation and the use of effective classroom programming, the district saves over $1000 per year?
  • Did you know…that if a therapist goes back and forth between 3 different schools in a day vs. scheduling to go to each once per week, it costs the district up to an hour ($60.00) per day?
  • Did you know…that if students are seen in small groups of 2-4, the cost per session for each student drops by 50-75%
  • Did you know…that for a therapist treating 20 students, adding 3 extra students  to caseload negates as much as $6 per hour savings.
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