Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) provides school districts with highly trained and qualified mental health service providers, including:

  • Licensed Certified Mental Health Professionals
  • School Counselors

Learn more about how PTS’s mental health service offerings can act as an extension of your special education department to support the increasingly complex needs of your students today.

What do our School-Based Mental Health Providers Do?

PTS Mental Health ServicesAt PTS, our mental health providers:

  • Evaluate and assess the mental health functioning of specific students
  • Diagnose mental health conditions using specific assessment tools
  • Lead counseling activities individually or in small groups
  • Facilitate crisis intervention protocols when appropriate
  • Ensure compliance and delivery of high-quality services
  • Complete required documentation for compliance assurance

Each of our mental health providers leads a variety of counseling activities that help students process trauma and develop healthy coping skills.

Since they work on an interdisciplinary team, our mental health providers seamlessly incorporate additional tools and concepts from other related services team members to better support the unique needs of each student. A few of these include social pragmatic language, behavioral health support, and sensory integration for self-regulation.

Post-Pandemic Mental Health Services and Social Emotional Learning

PTS Mental Health Services At PTS, we understand mental health services are particularly important following the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students continue to face additional challenges associated with returning to in-person learning, such as increased stress and anxiety.

To better address these needs, PTS’s mental health professionals show teachers and paraprofessionals how to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies into the classroom, which enables students to fully access their education. If you would like to learn more about these essential strategies, we invite you to read our free eBook on SEL.

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