Related Services Programming: Post-Pandemic Planning Guide

Post-Pandemic Planning GuideAs planning begins for next school year, it’s important to take time and reflect on the vast impact that COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, on related services programs and budgets.
Inside our FREE eBook on Pandemic Programming, we’ll go over insights like:

  • Cost and benefits of virtual instruction
  • Initial budget impact
  • Therapy caseloads during the pandemic
  • Growing assessment backlog
  • Incoming kindergarten double whammy

We’ll also offer up our Top 5 Suggestions for Post-Pandemic Related Services Programming. These five suggestions can help you improve or maintain program effectiveness while navigating the unpredictable educational environment during and after the pandemic.
Download our eBook today, then reach out to PTS to see how our Capable Classroom division can support your team and students.