Pediatric Therapeutic Services

For more than two decades, Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) has been helping special education programs in school districts, intermediate units, and charter schools across the greater Delaware Valley maximize their related services’ impact in cost-effective ways.

Our model brings a seamless blend of Teams, Tools, and Technology to bear on your program, transforming it into a true Therapeutic Ecosystem™ marked by:

✔ Measurably improved programming, so students with special needs make greater progress toward their educational goals.
✔ Exponentially greater impact, so more students on and off caseloads benefit from therapy interventions.
✔ Significantly lower costs, so each of your valuable therapy dollars goes farther.

How can PTS’ approach strengthen your special education program while saving you money? Find out using the calculator below.

Our three-pronged approach to cost-control pays big dividends, both short-term and long-term. Simply enter the information requested about your program in any or all of the fields below—whatever’s most relevant to or urgent in your situation—and the calculator will do the rest, returning you an estimated savings based on actual PTS performance data across a range of our clients.

Small Group Model:

Other providers claim they deliver related services in small group settings, but then charge you per student—and may even tack on an “upcharge.”

Only PTS has proprietary technology to track the number and the size of groups, which means we bill you only for the actual time our clinicians spend in the session. No surprise charges. Just dramatic savings, without sacrificing any quality.

In these fields, enter your annual cost for each therapy discipline to find out how much money PTS’ small group model could save you over time

Continuum of Service:

Growing therapy caseloads cause stress on your program’s budget, not to mention on you and your staff.

PTS breaks programs out of this erratic, expensive predicament by moving students through a Continuum of Service: from direct therapy to consult to discharge. As a result, despite new students becoming eligible for related services each year, caseloads stay stable.

PTS continually evaluates eligibility, reliably discharging between 15%-20% of students we serve each year, as they meet their goals or no longer benefit from direct therapy.

In these fields, enter how many of your students receive services in each discipline to find out how much money PTS’ Continuum of Service could save you in the long run.

Referral Prevention:

When teachers or parents see students struggling, they want help right away. But consistently jumping straight to an evaluation drives up the cost of related services.

To stem the tide of unnecessary referrals, PTS deploys a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model. Many students only need the "boost" of classroom-based strategies or short-term group interventions to fix the problem. Students move up through the tiers based on how they respond, so only those who truly demonstrate need for intensive, ongoing services receive them.

By appropriately reducing the number of evaluations, the MTSS model lowers diagnostic costs. Simultaneously, it enables us to informally assist more students than does the traditional model special education programs elsewhere use.

In these fields, enter how many of your students are referred for therapy in each discipline to find out how much money PTS’ Referral Prevention strategy could save you in the long run.



Cost Per Discipline


Cost Per Student


Student Referrals

Total Estimated Savings With PTS' Therapeutic Ecosystem Model:

When you consider the number of students your special education program must serve and the importance of making your related services budget stretch as far as it can, the value of PTS’ Therapeutic Ecosystem is clear!

Disclaimer: With variation in service delivery models due to COVID-19 school closures, actual savings may vary.

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