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Seamless integrated services, classroom carryover, and productive partnerships.

Enable students to actively participate in the least restrictive environment.

PTS Tools, Tracking and Compliance

A positive feedback loop for innovation.

REAL, EVIDENCE-BASED, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS-RtII) SOLUTIONS and INITIATIVES, are how we meet real need without increasing the caseload.

It enables a continuum of student performance data so that it can continuously inform, monitor, and improve student access and response to instruction/intervention.

Teachers and therapists get a roadmap for facilitating skill progression within the context of data-based decision-making and administrators get the real-time data they are craving to assure compliance and accountability.

Unique offerings from PTS include teacher training, district building-level supports, The Capable Classroom, Pencil Power, and Super Self. Our compliance tracking tools support referrals, documenting service delivery, and access billing.

Related Services

One size doesn’t fit all – we provide services based on the specific needs of each district or program. PTS therapists are all highly trained and qualified in their specialty and dedicated to providing students and schools with the related services they need to succeed. Education for All.

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