Administrator Resources

Manage Your Therapy Resources More Effectively With PTS

Special education administrators face a tough task: fully staffing school-based therapy programs with qualified, quality clinicians, all while staying within increasingly tight budgetary limits. Teachers and families ask your program to do more for more students, while superintendents and board members insist you keep your expenses in check.

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we’ve been helping special ed directors and administrators balance and satisfy these competing demands for more than two decades. We’ve helped school districts and schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware develop and implement powerful strategies for:

  • Staffing their school-based therapy programs with efficient, innovative clinicians who reduce unnecessary referrals and deliver maximum benefit to students on their caseloads.
  • Multiplying the positive difference therapy services can make for all students by adopting a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support framework (MTSS).
  • Eliminating excess expenditures and optimizing therapy resources through advanced analytics and deliberate, data-driven management, so each therapy dollar goes as far as possible.

PTS can help you expand the good you do for your students without exceeding your budget.

Explore the resources on this page or contact us today to discover how.