Discover Practical Ways to Cut School-Based Therapy Costs Without Cutting Quality

Ready to make your related services costs fit a strict budget without sacrificing positive results for students?

Claim your FREE copy of Take a Bite Out of School-Based Therapy Costs: Your Road Map for Making Every Related Services Dollar Do More for Student Success from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS).

This eBook about administering special education efficiently offers you concrete ways to:
  • Implement reliable strategies for getting “the right kids” on and off caseloads, so therapists spend time and energy where they’ll make the biggest difference.
  • Enlist teachers and paraprofessionals as informed, active team members who multiply therapists’ impact.
  • Schedule therapists’ direct and indirect time so they can do a lot more good without putting in a lot more hours.
  • Overcome common roadblocks to productive therapy, like block scheduling and sub-optimal workspaces.
  • Reframe teachers’ and parents’ expectations so therapy equips students to pursue and achieve realistic goals.

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