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School Counselor Jobs near Conshohocken PA

School Counselor Jobs near Conshohocken PA

Are you a school counselor in the Conshohocken, PA, area? Whether you have worked in a school setting for years or are just starting your career, read ahead to learn more about the benefits of working alongside Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) as an independent contractor.

Job Requirements for School Counselors

Throughout the day, school counselors work directly with students and coordinate with school administrators and teachers. They must feel passionate about supporting the multifaceted needs of the students in their school or district. To be successful, they should also be effective communicators and collaborators to ensure each student gets the services they need. School counselors must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, earn a master’s degree in School Counseling from an accredited institution, and pass all necessary state certification and licensure exams to be eligible to work. PTS has Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) opportunities available for new school counselors the provide clear guidelines, supervision, observation, and feedback.

Working Alongside PTS as a School Counselor

As a school counselor, you support students’ academic, social, and emotional needs, so they can fully access their education. In addition to providing individual and group guidance, as well as advocating for students in both general and special education, you may:
  • Serve on a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.
  • Help identify students who may be eligible for services and require an assessment.
  • Collaborate with other therapists and service providers to improve the delivery of services.
At PTS, we take a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach to therapy and related services. By connecting students with the right level of support, this approach helps move them along a continuum of services as their needs change. When you engage with us as a school counselor, you play a key part in this functional safety net.

Benefits of Engaging With PTS as a School Counselor

PTS is much more than a typical staffing agency. We build strong, long-term relationships with our partnering districts and take care to make individualized placements to ensure a right fit for everyone involved. After we place you in a school, we continue to provide you with access to resources and support when you need it. Our Clinical Directors are available to help you solve problems throughout the day and act as bridges of communication between you, teachers, and school administrators. Along with that, we offer:
  • Robust Referral Bonus Program
  • Access to a community Facebook group
  • Free resource library with therapist-designed interventions
If you’re just starting out or are new to working in a school environment, you can also choose to participate in our School-Based Academy that begins every August. Throughout this optional program, you will learn how to successfully navigate a school setting as a counselor, while networking with fellow service providers along the way. To learn more about working alongside PTS as an independent contractor, download our free eBook, Top 5 Reasons to Join PTS as An Independent Contractor.

Where Can I Apply for School Counselor Jobs near Conshohocken PA?

At PTS, we work hard to give school counselors like you access to the support and resources they need to do their best work. If you’re ready to start or advance your career, check out the current school counselor openings at our partnering districts near Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. We look forward to hearing from you!
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