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As a school psychologist, you care deeply about providing your students with the best possible care. And as an independent contractor with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), you get access to the ongoing professional support and networking you need to do your best work.

Learn more about the reasons why you should work as an independent contractor with PTS below and be sure to check out current school psychologist job openings today.

Through PTS You Receive Access to On Ongoing Career Support, While Enjoying Job Flexibility

We build and maintain long-term partnerships with the school districts we serve, as well as with our partnering clinicians. A few of the unique benefits of working alongside us include:

  • Access to shared therapist resources and learning library.
  • Individualized school opportunities and placements with multiple steps to ensure a good fit
  • Clinical Directors who are available to problem-solve with the special education department.

You will have the opportunity to develop sustained partnerships and choose to take on many different projects while working alongside PTS.

Working as a School Psychologist Independent Contractor

One similarity between working as an independent contractor and working as an employee is that you get to work directly with students and collaborate with teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and fellow therapists.

Bill Directly for Your Productive Hours

A key difference between full-time school employees and independent contractors is that independent contractors bill for their own service hours. With PTS you do so with our proprietary Budgetwatch™ software that makes it easy to track your day-to-day productivity.

You may also receive more take-home pay in the long-term after adjusting your tax return for business expenses. 

Maintain a Work-Life Balance

As an independent contractor, you have greater control over your schedule, more flexibility, and, often, extra stability too. That’s because you can choose whether you want to work part-time hours or a full week to maintain a healthy work-life balance based on your individual needs.

Secure Your Next School Psychologist Job Today

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work as an independent contractor with PTS, read more about the Occupational Therapist Experience here. On the other hand, if you’re ready to get started, check the current openings today! We look forward to reviewing your application soon.

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