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Need New Objectives for Your Special Ed Program and Budget?

There are a lot of important responsibilities as a school administrator; from class curricula and behavior management to budget and communication with families. When you add the work essential for an effective, smooth-running special education program it can be overwhelming. Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) can help.

Partnering with PTS helps transform your school therapy services so your school achieves the highest rate of student success—giving you more time to focus on the critical issues facing your school.

At PTS, we gain a comprehensive understanding of each client’s unique goals related to their special education programs and create a service delivery model to meet those specific needs. Best of all, PTS Clinical Directors provide the on-site support and team leadership to make it happen.

Special Education Program Objectives for School Administrators

  • Administrative participation in caseload management

Many administrators assume that a therapy program will manage itself. However, it takes oversight and engagement to make services efficient and effective. This includes managing the therapy caseload by:

    • Setting and reevaluating eligibility criteria, to ensure the students on the caseload are the ones who need to be.
    • Encouraging therapists to consider discharging students if they have achieved or stopped progressing toward a goal.
    • Ensuring that all team members, including teachers and parents, are collaborating on the student’s progress.
  • Communication between therapists and teachers

Traditionally, teachers collect data on instructional content vs. therapy-related data. However, having teachers collect data on these functional skills in the classroom increases the likelihood that therapy strategies will be integrated into a student’s program.

PTS also advocates for integrated services vs. the traditional pull out model. Integrating services into the classroom has a number of added benefits:

    • It creates natural opportunities for collaboration and demonstration of therapeutic strategies.
    • It facilitates better communication between the teacher and the therapist.
    • It ensures that therapists are maintaining a focus on the curriculum, as the classroom provides a natural context for skill acquisition.
  • Elimination of unnecessary evaluations and referrals

The law requires that students should be treated by a therapist because they require that support to enable them access the curriculum. Many times, students are referred for therapy too soon or for the wrong reasons. Before a student undergoes a formal therapy evaluation, there should be some front-line problem solving with the classroom teacher, to see if strategies alone can address the problem. Other times, a student’s deficits are developmental, not disabling.

PTS helps prevent unnecessary referrals by:

    • Monitoring caseloads and referrals, by building to ensure that the appropriate processes are being followed.
    • Improving teachers’ understanding of how and when to make a therapy referral
    • Using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach, by equipping teachers with therapy tools, resources and strategies to help struggling students without making a therapy referral.
  • Efficient clinical time and spending

An essential part to controlling school therapy staffing costs is utilizing collected data on how therapists spend their time. Instead of accepting a therapist’s request to either bring on additional staff or reduce her or his caseload, administrators should evaluate how in particular each therapist’s time is spent. Maximizing therapist efficiency equals, again, managing school therapy services through administrative oversight.

A PTS clinical director will help you hold your team fiscally accountable by:

    • Working with therapists to streamline schedules so that there are minimal gaps during the school day and limited travel between buildings.
    • Ensuring that therapists are billing an appropriate amount of time for evaluations and other key tasks.
    • Monitoring individual therapist efficiency on a monthly basis.

PTS Optimizes School Therapy Services

Following a strategic analysis of your program, PTS clearly defines a plan to optimize your school therapy services. This comprehensive, data-driven plan enhances existing strengths and helps to improve on areas of need.

The schools we partner with report: School-Therapy-Services

  • Improved student outcomes
  • Substantial 50 to 70% decrease in referral processing time
  • Significant drops in administrative time spent managing referrals
  • Fewer students on the therapy caseload, as more students’ needs are met using Tier 1 or Tier 2 supports.
  • Tremendous success using our BudgetWatch™ technology, which enables administrators to analyze and manage costs in numerous program areas

As a school administrator, there are a lot of responsibilities to juggle within the special education program. At PTS we know how challenging it can be to manage your therapy staffing services and control costs on your own. That’s where we lend a hand.

At PTS, you have a dedicated Clinical Director, who is an experienced school-based therapist who manages your program and keeps you informed. We partner with you to optimize your services, support your teachers and control your related services budget.

The success of our partnerships with school districts speaks for itself:

“My collaboration with PTS has been one of the highlights of my career as a school administrator. It is not often one encounters such child centered companies who are willing to find a balance between the provisions of high quality services with the costs that such services entail. I personally can attest that our partnership with PTS has allowed us to improve the lives of our children.”

Sandy Shacklady-White, the Bureau of Special Education in Pennsylvania

Is the stress of overseeing your therapy program getting you down? Let PTS ease your nerves. For more information advancing your school therapy services, visit us here or contact us at 610-941-7020.

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