Tier 1 Intervention Strategy Cards

Get Tier 1 Intervention Strategies for School-Based PT from PTS

When you give teachers Tier 1 Intervention strategies they can use with classes, you increase their ability to nurture students’ motor and sensory development, reducing unneeded therapy referrals.

Such strategies include:


  • Challenging students to create obstacle courses using items like jump ropes, traffic cones, and cardboard boxes, to strengthen motor planning, gross motor skills, and concentration.

  • Demonstrating and leading stretching exercises—shoulders and triceps, quadriceps and calves—to strengthen muscles in the upper and lower body.

  • Playing classic games like “hot potato”—maybe even combined with spelling practice—to refine hand-eye coordination.

  • Adding action like jumping on one foot while counting to promote healthy sensory processing and concentration.

  • Pulling out the ever-popular parachute for games to help students learn to cooperate with each other by coordinating movement.


When you introduce teachers to interventions like these, you’re indirectly helping more students than you ever could in groups or one-on-one. You’re also ensuring you have time and energy to directly help those who belong on your caseload for intensive interventions.

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