Help the Students You Serve to Make Sense of Their World

Discover How Sensory Rooms in Schools Aid Self-Regulation

Providing a thoughtfully planned, well-stocked sensory room is one of the most powerful things a school can do to help students who have trouble regulating their responses to their environment.

When you request your free, downloadable PDF copy of our eBook, Sensory Rooms and Self-Regulation: A Comprehensive Guide for School Administrators, you’ll discover:

  • What sensory processing disorder (SPD) is—and isn’t—and why it can make students’ educational and social progress in school so challenging.

  • Why SPD manifests in such a wide variety of ways.

  • How carefully designed experiences and specialized equipment in a sensory room can make such a positive difference to students’ self-regulation.

  • How sensory rooms in schools complement a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach to related services.

  • How to effectively plan, write policies, and pay for sensory rooms.

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