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District-Employee Related Services Providers Receive Teletherapy Support from PTS


Let’s face it, there’s a pretty good chance that your employees never trained for this drill.  Educators all over the country are being asked to do things they’ve never even thought about.  No training.  No preparation.  Virtually no time to plan… just “GO”.  And, by the way, we’re to hope that parents don’t notice teachers’ fussy toddlers, dogs jumping outside picture windows, or the odd, rear-facing cat on a lap during Zoom lessons.


If this all seems like a lot with too few “distraction-free” hours in the day for your related services providers to meet FAPE obligations, let PTS’ therapists and behavior health staff fill the gap by providing online learning/teletherapy to your students.  In addition to direct and consultative services, our team can participate in IEP meetings, write progress notes, and provide strategies to your teachers and parents.


PTS is currently implementing teletherapy at districts who’ve initiated online learning.  We have a complete protocol for this service model already in place, including parent letters, instructions for interactive video sessions, best-practices and loads of treatment ideas for our therapy team.  We have even included suggestions for doing virtual IEP meetings, so that timelines stay on track. 


If you are exploring options for delivering related services during this challenging time, we have more than 400 pediatric professionals who are ready to collaborate with your teams to get started.  


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