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Welcome New Clinical Fellows! 👋

Welcome! And Congratulations on being selected to our 2022-2023 Clinical Fellow Cohort. We are so excited to partner with you for the next part of your journey to becoming a fully licensed SLP. The road has been long…… but your path has led you to PTS and you are in good hands! 

Our program is designed to provide you with just the right amount of support and mentorship needed to become the therapist you want to be. Our goal is to help guide you to becoming your own therapist through a self-evaluative experience. When your CFY is completed at PTS we know that we have helped you become a more than qualified school based SLP and ready for all that’s ahead of you.

Signing Day! 🎉

Consider today your Signing Day! Now that you’ve signed your contract and received your PTS welcome package, try on your “Heart of PTS” t-shirt, check out your PTS swag and let’s celebrate!

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Read some direct quotes from our recent CFs  🎙

Our CFs gain skills they carry with them the rest of their careers, all while being supported by their mentors. 

“My mentor was available to fully support me when needed yet allowed me the space and freedom to make clinical decisions and run my sessions with my own clinical style. PTS staff were friendly, encouraging, and supportive.”

“My mentor was always available when I needed her. Also, she took the initiative to make sure we were meeting all requirements and hours, which took that off my plate. I appreciated it so much.”

Our Clinical Directors go to great lengths to place CFs where they’ll get the guidance and encouragement they need to start shaping their professional identities.

“I really liked how supported I felt by all of the therapists at PTS. During COVID year, they were super transparent about different ASHA or CF specific stuff which I liked because it kept us in the loop. The clinical coordinators and directors were always trying to make things work and be flexible to our level of comfort or schedules.”


Get a head start on your fellowship knowledge!  📖

We have tons of articles and resources to help you at every stage of your SLP journey. Get a jump on your learning with these blogs!

Why Support for Therapists Must Be Acceptable and Accessible 

Find the delicate balance between challenging yourself and giving yourself space to ask for help so you can grow your skill set and add more tools to your SLP tool belt.

Top 10 Apps all Speech-Language Pathologists Should be Using

Technology can be a useful tool when you’re trying to encourage students to connect with their speech-language pathology sessions.

How Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists can Effectively Collaborate

Effective collaboration between teachers and SLPs is vital for the success of the students in your related services program. By collaborating, students can receive even stronger supports!

Top 10 SLP Activities for Articulation

As a school-based speech-language pathologist, you want to provide your students with the best resources possible to improve their communication abilities. We’ve developed activities to do just that!

PTS is able to provide all the mentorship and resources needed for a successful CFY, but you are in the driver’s seat. This is your experience, and we encourage you to take ownership of it by accessing all that is available to you and asking for what you need! Your mentor will provide you with all the mandated supervision, but this experience is so much more than that. We hope you take advantage of all PTS has to offer!

What’s next?  🔔

Look out for an onboarding email coming your way! Your onboarding emails will have some important details and give you general PTS information along with some helpful tips for getting started.

Stay connected to find out about our live and virtual events! 

Explore our site and take advantage of all the free eBooks, articles, and resources we have for you.

Reach out to us if you have any questions! We’re here to support you!

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