Pediatric Therapeutic Services

Staffing Management

What our clients value most is that PTS manages the therapy staff, so they don’t have to. 

A smooth running therapy program starts with great people.  As practicing pediatric therapists, PTS owners and managers are uniquely qualified to screen candidates and match therapists to the right setting. Our ability to find and keep qualified therapists has given us a therapist retention rate of 95%. This enables us to offer our clients a remarkable degree of stability for their special education teams. We credit our high retention rates to the “behind the scenes” supports that PTS provides to our contractors — from clinical problem solving to legal/compliance advice. These supports dramatically lighten the load of school administrators.

Process Management

When PTS begins a relationship with a client, we start with a detailed assessment of that program’s strengths and areas of improvement where we believe we can have the largest impact. We define clear lines of communication between teachers, administrators, therapists, and parents, in order to provide a customized, streamlined referral process. Clients who transition from their Intermediate Units to PTS report a 50%-70% reduction in the time that it takes to process referrals -- significantly reducing the frustration of teachers and parents, and helping to build the foundation for a truly responsive Special Education team. Concurrently, our clients all report that the amount of time they personally spend managing referrals drops significantly as a result of PTS oversight, tighter referral criteria, and clearer lines of communication.
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