PTS Testimonials: What our Partners Say

Many school districts face multi-faceted challenges. That’s why Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) offers customized solutions that will serve the unique needs of your student population.

PTS TestimonialsWe know our approach works because we’ve seen the real-world results.

By reading these testimonials from our satisfied partners, you can learn more about our:

  • Students first approach
  • Highly trained pediatric therapists
  • BudgetWatch™ technology and Program Summary Reports
  • PTS Clinical Directors

Students-First Approach to Reduce Caseloads and Referrals

By training teachers on how to make the right referrals and to implement classroom-wide interventions, we help districts reduce referrals, evaluations and ultimately, caseloads. This approach also enables school districts to help more students in the least restrictive environment through Tier 1 interventions implemented at the classroom level.

Therese M. Myers, M.Ed., the previous Director of Special and Alternative Education for Nazareth Area School District, says:

“Wonderful news on the Pencil Power™ results. It was great to see the 1st grade students who showed so much progress. It works!”

Tracey Wise, the Supervisor of Pupil Services for Delaware County Intermediate Unit, says:

“I have worked with PTS for many years and am always impressed with their administrative oversight, cost control practices, and consistency of therapists and staff. I can recall countless times when therapists, supervisors and the owners have gone over and beyond our written contract to ensure student success.”

Highly Trained Pediatric Therapists

To ensure your students get the best possible support, we provide every partnering school district with a team of qualified, dedicated therapists who receive ongoing support and trainings from PTS.

The Director of Special Education and Pupil Services for Radnor Township School District, Ms. Jenny LeSage, says:

“I have worked with PTS since 2010 and have found that the Clinical Directors are easily accessible through email and phone calls. When we are confronted with any problems, she is a thoughtful and innovative problem solver. All of our therapists hired through PTS are professional and diligent and receive the support they need from PTS directly.”

BudgetWatch™ Technology & Program Summary Reports

With our proprietary BudgetWatch™ software, our Clinical Directors can evaluate and monitor student outcomes, enabling real-time adjustments to your program. Each partnering district receives complementary BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports that present unique data-driven insights.

The Director of Pupil Services for West Chester Area School District Leigh, Ann Ranieri, Ed. D., says:

“PTS is extremely professional and responsive to our needs. The services are personalized, and the staff truly become part of the district. We meet with PTS several times a year to review the programs and the financials. PTS provides excellent reports indicating the types and amounts of services being provided along with the costs. They closely analyze trends in buildings and make recommendations for ways to be more efficient. PTS uses an efficiency model that promotes using group therapy when appropriate over 1-1. The reports also allow us to analyze the direct vs. indirect services. While providing the appropriate services to students is paramount, PTS is very effective at containing costs and is constantly looking for ways to be more fiscally efficient.”

PTS Clinical Directors

PTS’s Clinical Directors provide day-to-day support, freeing up school administrators to focus on other priorities. They also analyze and draw insights from BudgetWatch™ data, including vital information about:

  • Disability referrals.
  • Program efficiency.
  • Therapist caseloads.
  • Therapy program costs.

Lisa M. Phifer, Supervisor of Special Education for West Chester Area School District, says:

“Our PTS Clinical Director has collaborated with me several times to work through challenging cases to ensure that our students’ needs are being met. She has proactively alerted me to situations (i.e., scheduling challenges for PT) that when handled early were able to be resolved fairly quickly.”

Partner with PTS to Help More Students for Less

At PTS, we place highly trained, capable therapists within schools as part of their special education program—but we do much more than that. We partner with each school district by creating a customized plan with ongoing support. Contact PTS today to find out how we can help make your special education program more efficient and effective!