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The Capable Classroom™

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we understand the multifaceted challenges school districts face, including increasingly complex student needs, growing caseloads, and budget constraints.

As a solution, we created The Capable Classroom™, a suite of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that:

  • Helps contain special education costs.
  • Promotes inclusivity in the classroom,
  • Exposes more students to interventions that support their development.

Learn more below and then contact PTS to find out how you can incorporate The Capable Classroom™ in your school district today!

What Is The Capable Classroom™?

The Capable Classroom™ The Capable Classroom™ is a suite of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that can be introduced at the classroom level. These interventions promote learning through play with mixed groups of typical and non-typical students and are specifically designed to address skill deficits in the least restrictive environment.

All the activities include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions enabling aides, parent volunteers and paraprofessionals to implement these small group activities, so teachers can focus on other classroom priorities.

In addition to helping school districts throughout multiple regions in the United States, The Capable Classroom™ interventions have been successful in classrooms around the world, including at the Beautiful Gates Special School in Mysore, India.

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The Benefits of Using The Capable Classroom™ in Your District

By decreasing the need for formal evaluations and associated costs, The Capable Classroom™ enables schools to:

  • Help more students at the classroom level and reduce unnecessary referrals to related services
  • Keep therapy caseloads and costs manageable by ensuring only the right students get put on caseload
  • Promote inclusivity in the classroom and reduce overidentification and disproportionality

The Capable Classroom Toolbox of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interventions

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, some of our most popular Capable Classroom™ activities include:

Pencil Power™ Supplemental Handwriting Instruction Program

Pencil Power™ is a 6-week program that uses a kinesthetic approach, while keeping handwriting instruction in the general education classroom where it belongs. Specifically designed for K-2 students, the Pencil Power™ program and optional board game provide opportunities to practice key pre-writing and writing skills without a therapist.

Super Self™—Self-Regulation Group

The Super Self™—Self-Regulation Group is designed for third grade students and beyond who need to boost their social skills and self-regulation abilities. It can be implemented as an individual or small group experience.

A teacher, paraprofessional, therapist, or parent volunteer acts as a monitor, while the students build sensory awareness and create their own unique programs. During the process, students complete a self-reflective report card.

Super Self™—Sensory Room

The Super Self™—Sensory Room includes a wide range of therapeutic spaces with specific sensory equipment designed for self-regulation activities that alleviate sensory processing difficulties. These spaces are designed for students both on and off caseload who can benefit from either calming or alerting sensory breaks.

Artic Blast™ Board Game

The Capable Classroom™ ResearchArtic Blast™ is a fast-moving, fun, and exciting board game designed for elementary students who need to practice articulation skills. Up to four players can participate at a time. With every correct pronunciation they make, students climb higher on the mountain as they move through the game.

Artic Blast™ Articulation Group

The Artic Blast™ articulation group is a 6- to 12-week program, designed for regular education students in need of extra articulation support for one or more speech sounds, as well as overall intelligibility.

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I Know What to Do! Card Game

The I Know What to Do! card game is designed for students who present impulsivity concerns, benefit from social stories or scripts, or need more practice with learning appropriate social responses. Throughout the game, students “match” the appropriate responses to a variety of challenging social scenarios.

Power Moves Card Game

The Power Moves card game is a matching game built for K-2 students that can also be modified for other age groups. It gives students the opportunity to strengthen their balance, coordination, and sensory motor skills. Simultaneously, the game acts as a much-needed movement break or “brain break” for students and conveniently requires minimal adult supervision.

Transform Your School District with The Capable Classroom™

Not only does The Capable Classroom™ help more students in the least restrictive environment, but it also helps your district contain costs. Contact PTS to find out how we can help you implement classroom-level supports to improve your related services program today!

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