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The Therapeutic EcoSystem™

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we have an inside understanding of the multiple challenges school districts face, including:

  • Increasing special education costs
  • Growing special education caseloads
  • A desire to serve the complex needs of all students

Drawing from over two decades of experience, we’ve developed the Therapeutic EcoSystem™—our solution designed to meet these seemingly competing priorities without creating increasing workloads for school therapists, teachers, or administrators.

Discover how the Therapeutic EcoSystem™ ensures both cost-effectiveness and quality of services below.

The Teams, Tools, & Technology of The Therapeutic Ecosystem™

The Therapeutic EcoSystem™ The Therapeutic Ecosystem™ is our ground-breaking, interdependent service model composed of the following integrated components:

  • Team: Highly qualified therapists, supportive program managers, and experienced Clinical Directors.
  • Tools: Exclusive toolkit of clinician-designed activities and resources.
  • Technology: Cloud-based analytics technology and reports.

These integrated components enable you to serve more students in the least restrictive environment while containing costs.

Read more about Teams, Tools, and Technology.

Teams: Classroom-Specific Therapists, Program Managers, & Clinical Directors

When you partner with us, we pick a customized team of the region’s top therapists to support the specific needs of your school and district. Each of our partners receives ongoing support from our program managers and Clinical Directors who monitor the program and offer day-to-day program support, so school administrators can focus on the big picture.

Tools: Capable Classroom™ Toolkits & Free In-Service Trainings

Our proprietary Capable Classroom™ Toolkit empowers teachers to bring therapy into the classroom. The toolkit includes therapist-developed resources, games, and activities that can be seamlessly incorporated into the classroom to support all students—even those who aren’t on caseload.

A few of the activities in the toolkit include:

Pencil Power™

PTS’s Pencil Power™ is designed specifically for K-2 classrooms, utilizing a kinesthetic approach that places handwriting instruction back in the realm of regular education and in the least restrictive environment.

Schools that routinely implement the program have reduced OT evaluations for handwriting by a minimum of two-thirds.

Artic Blast™

Artic Blast™ is a fast-moving, fun, exciting board game that allows elementary school students to practice articulation skills. Students will race to the top of the mountain by correctly identifying and articulating the words on each card.

Super Self™

The Therapeutic EcoSystem™ ResearchDesigned for 3rd grade and beyond, Super Self™ boosts classroom and student social skills and self-regulation. Our unique program is an individual or small group experience that encourages students to build sensory awareness and equips them to create their own, personalized programs.

Kindergarten BootKamp™

Kindergarten BootKamp™ is a six-week program designed to encourage therapist-teacher collaboration in implementing fun, easy-to-use, daily opportunities for student growth in five major areas:

  • Core muscle strength and stability
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Grasping and dexterity
  • Visual motor integration and visual perception. 

Other Capable Classroom Activities

A couple of the other engaging games designed to use at the classroom level include Power Moves and I Know What to Do!

Free In-Service Trainings for Partnering Districts

In addition to having full access to the Capable Classroom™ Toolkit, our partners receive free in-service trainings for teachers and paraprofessionals, so they can implement key therapy strategies and Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions into the classroom. These types of interventions foster an inclusive classroom environment while ensuring only the right students are referred to related services

Technology: BudgetWatch™ & BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports

Our award-winning, proprietary BudgetWatch™ online data collection and analysis tool provides the necessary insights for you to make data-driven decisions about your special education program. This data-tracking software allows you to:

  • Assess student progress
  • Make data-driven insights
  • Make real-time program adjustments as needed
  • Remain compliant

PTS’s Clinical Directors also collect and analyze this data. All our partners then receive complimentary BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports, which make it easy to ensure resources are used as effectively as possible while also maintaining compliance.

Serve More Students for Less with PTS’s Therapeutic Ecosystem™

Together, PTS’s teams, tools, and technology can create a Therapeutic Ecosystem™ in the classrooms of your district. That means real solutions for your special education budget and student needs. Contact PTS today to find out more about the benefits of partnering with us today!

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