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Thinking Globally: PTS’s International Partners & Programs

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we uphold our commitment to furthering a culture of both respect and support for children with disabilities by partnering with professionals and organizations across the globe. Find out how the PTS-approach works around the world today!

Therapy without the Therapist in Mysore India

Since 2008, PTS has partnered with Beautiful Gates Special School (BGSS) for children with disabilities in Mysore, India, by providing a variety of both clinical and financial supports. Over the past ten years, PTS’s Managing Partner Pamela Hackett has traveled to India multiple times to meet and work with teachers and students in the program.

When PTS initially connected with BGSS, the school had 20 students with multiple disabilities or autism. Though the school had students with overwhelming needs, including lack of handwriting skills, there were no therapists available to address these mounting challenges.

Upon visiting the school for ten days, PTS sought to maximize improvements by finding ways to provide “therapy without a therapist.”

To do this, PTS incorporated hand-strengthening activities at the classroom level. To ensure ongoing success, PTS developed training programs and supports for teachers, while accounting for budgetary and resource constraints.

Implementing Therapeutic Strategies in the Classroom

Though most pediatric therapists spend years studying in their field, therapy isn’t magic. In fact, many teachers, paraprofessionals, aides, and parents can implement basic therapeutic strategies at the classroom level to ensure that students receive the support they need in the least restrictive environment.

After our experience and success at BGSS, we developed The Capable Classroom™ as a way to allow teachers at our partnering districts to deliver therapy without the therapist.

The Capable Classroom™ is PTS’s suite of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that can be incorporated at the classroom level. These activities address skill deficits in fun and effective ways. By promoting learning through play with mixed groups of both typical and non-typical students, The Capable Classroom™ provides support to students without a referral to related services.

Partnerships Beyond Borders: Our Child-First Philosophy in Practice

Our Child-First Philosophy guides us to constantly create innovative resources for teachers and families that serve more students, while containing costs. Through our partnerships across the globe, we have seen firsthand how the proprietary toolkits we developed can help students succeed in resource-scarce areas across the globe.

In addition to PTS’s partnership with BGSS, we provide free teacher trainings in northern India, as well as in the Dominican Republic, Belize, and Guatemala. By offering these trainings, PTS has reached tens of thousands of students across 1,000 schools over the past two years.

Since PTS’s trainings empower teachers to implement therapeutic strategies even when there are no pediatric therapists available, more students are set up for long-term success.

Support More Students with PTS

At PTS, we use our classroom-wide strategies to empower teachers, students, and families around the world. Moving forward, PTS will continue to find new, effective, and efficient ways to meet the complex needs of children growing up with special needs across the globe.

Contact us to learn more about the impact of our global initiatives and how we can help you serve more students for less in your own district today!

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