Help Shine a Healing Light on Your Students

Discover the Key Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma casts a shadow over too many U.S. students’ lives.

Abuse, neglect, violence in the home or neighborhood, a parent’s mental illness—assaults like these on students’ sense of stability and safety make them feel “on guard” in a dark world, threatening their education and their healthy mental and social development.

But when you serve students with sensitivity to the trauma they’ve faced, you help them heal and flourish.

To find out how, claim your copy of the free eBook, Trauma-Informed Care: Key Principles and Best Practices for Therapists, from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS).

This brief introduction to core concepts from trauma research and how they can shape the way you deliver services will:

  • Deepen your understanding of what trauma is and how likely it is to affect your students.
  • Explain how trauma rewires young minds so you can connect with traumatized students more effectively.
  • Reveal common reactions to childhood trauma, giving you greater insight into your students’ behaviors.
  • Outline six key principles of trauma-informed care and how they enrich everyone’s experience at school.
  • Describe practical steps for providing related services in trauma-sensitive ways.

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